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From the modest offices of small businesses to the sprawling headquarters of international conglomerates, Original Janitorial Services Inc. has extensive experience in the commercial cleaning of any size and type of facility. A comprehensive array of professional cleaning services is provided for areas up to approximately 175,000 sq ft., including but not limited to factories, clinics, schools, and offices.

Original Janitorial Services Inc. does not subcontract; all services are performed by insured and bonded employees of the company. Each assignment is completed at only the highest level of professionalism and quality, guaranteed.

We understand the bottom line

At Original, we understand that you need to make your hard earned money go as far as possible. That's why we're Toronto's leaders in quality to price offerings. We use our years of experience to maximize the efficiency with which we clean. The end result is a savings in both time and money without sacraficing quality. There's no point in being modest. We're faster, better and cheaper than anyone you've used before. We guarantee it!

Price guarantee

Our Cleaning Products

Several cleaning agents are extremely toxic to the health of our environment. They are unnecessarily harsh and can be extremely dangerous to the people exposed to them.

Original Janitorial Services Inc. is committed to using only the environmentally friendliest cleaning products available. Our daily-use products have been extensively researched and tested to be as effective, or even more so, as their toxic counterparts. Using environmentally friendly products also protects the health of our clients and employees as ingredients are far less harmful.

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